(This blog is from an earlier column from women’s ministry brochure.)

Many of you may remember the little song we learned in Sunday School, “Friends, friends, friends, . . . I love my friends and they love me, I help my friends and they help me . . . “  As a women’s ministry leader, I have been increasingly intrigued in the past few years by the dynamics in the friendships of women.  The friends who surround us not only every day, but also in times past, leave a lasting imprint in our lives, shaping and defining who we become.  Having grown up with all brothers, their friends, and surrounded now by 3 sons (and their friends!) in my home, I think I appreciate even more, the good girlfriends God has brought into my life.  Last week I enjoyed catching up with some dear college friends whom I hadn’t seen in years!  The beauty is that our friendship has deepened and matured over time, because it was based in a common love for our Lord and His service.  An interesting pastime for me is to consider and observe groups of women friendships around me, of which there are several.   I have my own labels for them and a few come to mind,  There’s the “fun” group, the “steady” group, the “young things”, the “50-somethings”, and a few more for which I have yet to come up with a name.  The most common positive denominator I witness in these women is that they love the Lord and are there for each other.  I love to hear stories from some of our “steady” group about the Baptist Women circles from years past, where women came together regularly to share life — before technology, busy-ness, and society’s demands, infiltrated and corrupted the simplicity of life.

I’d like to share what I believe should be the heart of a women’s ministry. God is desperately drawing us back to relationship – to the patterns of the early church.  The model of the early church was based on this exhortation found in Acts 2:42-47, “And they were continually devoting themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.”  “And day by day continuing with one mind . . . they were taking their meals together with gladness and sincerity of heart”.  In a small survey taken among a few women in our church, most said they long for a small group in which they could connect and find friendship, a place to belong.  Women – it’s time we all realized that none of us is perfect, we must give up our unrealistic assumptions and expectations and make time to get to know each other and grow each other.  We don’t necessarily have it all together, but we know and love the One who holds it all together!  And we want our lives to matter for here, for now, and for eternity – together.  I invite you to the step out of your comfort zone, out of your lonely zone, seek God and some dear Christians sisters.  How about just pulling up a chair and sitting a while?!?  It’s time we got to know one another!!