Don’t you love spring?  It always makes me think of new beginnings, flowers, and sunshine!  I think of the hymn, “There is sunshine in my soul today, more glorious and bright, than glows in any earthly sky, for Jesus is my Light!”   For awhile, I’ve had a pre-occupation with Light as it applies to our lives as believers.  From the very beginning, when God spoke “Let there be light” until the very end of Revelation, God’s Word is full of hundreds of references to Light.  As one considers the various aspects of light, it serves many purposes.  Light shines, it dispels darkness, it guides, it illuminates, it blinds, it nourishes, it protects, it gives warmth.  As we come to know Jesus, He takes on many names, but one of my favorites is seeing Him as my Light.
As we consider the death and resurrection of Christ, I wonder.  I wonder if instead of the pain and agony He knew He would endure on the cross, there may have been something even more painful He looked toward with dread.  The pain of being separated from His Father as He, the Light of the world, descended into the darkness of hell and the grave for three days must have been unbearable.
Jesus’ descent into darkness on our behalf and His victorious ascent out of the grave gives us life everlasting, and hope for new beginnings.  Maybe you need a reminder that every day brings an opportunity for a brand new start — a blank page to write your life story.   What a blessing and breath of fresh air!  Perhaps as you think of spring and all its wonders, you will look forward with hope to new beginnings, to the greatest wonder of all – The Light Himself, Jesus.   As it says in another favorite song, “into marvelous Light I’m running!”  I challenge you to run into the Light, let the Light wash over you, and be a Light-bearer in His name.  As others look at our lives, may they see the radiant Light of Christ shining brightly through us, and may it give guidance and warmth to all whose paths we cross, as it says in Psalms 34:5, “They looked to Him and were RADIANT!”