The Go-Go's: Mona, Shari, and Beth

Today we are celebrating the fact that our beloved Ouachita Baptist University has been around for 125 years.  Happy Birthday OBU!!!  In attempting to consider what my favorite memory would be, as most of my OBU family could say, it’s difficult to settle on just one.  So outside of the fact that one favorite memory is TWIRPing my husband-to-be because my best friend wanted to ask his best friend, and outside of the fact that another favorite memory is traveling with my beloved Ouachi-tone sisters and Mrs. Sham, my all-time favorite memory is random dorm life with my EEE sisters.  So there’s really not just one memory, but more of a collection of snapshots of moments that make up a collage in my heart, whether it was late night cooking mac-n-cheese (because we did not just settle for popcorn, mind you:), all night sewing of that darned red corduroy jumper, our stint as the Go-Go’s at the Luau, trying to fundraise while being the ONLY social club who didn’t officially “function”, conversations and moments where we were there for each other during all the breakups and romances … and most of all, singing the EEE song and knowing now that it means more with each passing year.   Just plain and simple friendship — the kind you find all over the campus of OBU … then and now:)

“Our pledge of love to you, filled with loyalty, fills our hearts with memories of love for the EEE’s … “