apple_snakeEve held a power, graced to her by the Creator Himself, and yet she fell for the lie that somehow, some way, God was holding out on her.

Our thoughts, which lead to actions, which lead to choices, consequences and/or fruit, bear out the evidence of who we are aligned with — God or not God. The option “not God” can only be one option. At the moment Eve chose to take the fruit, she made the choice to take herself out of God’s unlimited wealth of protection and provision and align herself with the enemy. Don’t you think she probably regretted it until her dying day? Eve held a power, graced to her by the Creator Himself, and yet she fell for the lie that somehow, some way, God was holding out on her. Don’t we often fall for the same ploy? Our choices determine our life direction. Did she have a relationship with the serpent before he appeared in the garden? No. Why did she believe him over the God who had lovingly fashioned her, who had blessed her with a storehouse of abundance, who had a wonderful, perfect life planned for her?

The serpent knew exactly what he was doing, because he himself had experienced missing out on God’s blessings due to his own fatal mistake … his pride. Full of himself, he seeks to entice weak-minded people into his snare, and we as women seem more often than not, to be his choice of prey. What are some weaknesses we display as women that make us vulnerable? We rely on our feelings, we base decisions on our emotions. Instead of being strongly anchored in truth, we are tossed by the winds of personal fulfillment and self-interest. We go to bible study after bible study, but we continue to have weak minds and spirits because instead of acting on what we’ve learned, we continue to react to circumstances out of fear and insecurity.

I wonder if Eve had it to do all over again, what she would do. First of all, I think she would avoid going near the tree! Secondly, she would run, as we’re instructed to do, away from evil. Thirdly, she would reassure herself of the promises of the one true God and lean not on her own understanding. And she would stand strong, a woman of beauty, God-given power, knowing that she holds the life-giving essence of all mankind. I’d like to think that it’s not too late for us as women, to live the full, abundant life God originally had in mind for Eve. But we have to choose it, we have to help each other choose it, and we have to hold one another accountable. Poor Eve – she had no other women — no Yahweh sisterhood to help a girl out! Let’s challenge one another, not to lean on ourselves, but to lean together on God:)) Strong is good!