compass“One of the first roadblocks for many of us is simply a pace of life that keeps us running so fast, we never purposefully think about the big picture — much less take pro-active steps to course-correct.  ” 

Much of our MomTrek involves the skill of navigating.  And if we’re not careful, we can find ourselves way off course, facing obstacles we never anticipated, and lacking the strength to endure.  As our son was preparing to be a guide in the beautiful mountains of Colorado, he went through an intensive 6 week training period, some of which he spent days and nights in the mountains by himself.  Had he not been adequately prepared, he could have panicked, gotten lost, or hurt.

As a river guide, he also was trained to navigate the huge boulders and the strong current of the fast flowing Arkansas River.  Later that summer, as our family rafted down that river together, I was grateful he had spent the necessary time preparing, and kept us from flipping and being thrown over.  Being a mom is much like navigating a river, or climbing a mountain.  There will be unexpected obstacles, currents that can sweep us away, and steep rock faces that seem insurmountable.  Hard things like a child who has serious health issues, a behavior disorder, is rebellious and challenges our authority, doesn’t seem to fit in, or symptoms of depression or anger, the list could go on.  As moms, we need to anticipate obstacles, prepare for how we will deal with them,and develop the endurance and strength it takes to keep paddling – to keep climbing.  Even when we can’t see – when we feel like giving up.

We can have the map, but maybe we need to put our compass to use.  What are some of the things that can get us off course?   Not knowing where we’re going, the hectic pace of life, taking wrong turns, becoming disoriented, pride, shallowness, being carried along with the current.  In “The Life Ready Woman”, Shaunti Feldhan says “One of the first roadblocks for many of us is simply a pace of life that keeps us running so fast, we never purposefully think about the big picture — much less take pro-active steps to course-correct.”  You know I can just hear the navigation systems in our cars when we veer a different way, “RECALCULATING!” Compass-guided womanhood means managing ourselves by bold faith in God and His Word.  This kind of living is important in every area of life.

“All too often, the reason we are overwhelmed or unclear is that we are trying to live in a way that is completely contrary to what God has planned for our lives.  We are carrying a yoke, but not the one God designed for our direction and protection as we walk through life with Him.”  (The Life Ready Woman)  God’s word and His Holy Spirit as our compass will guide us to God’s best in our lives.

I think of the story of Abraham and Isaac in Genesis.  Abraham was not a mom, but he was a parent.  A parent who had been charged with surrendering his son on an altar.  I can’t imagine how he must have felt.  Yet we see that Abraham demonstrated complete obedience and faith.  As he went up that mountain, he was in a place of complete surrender.  His devotion to His God had determined his ability to believe and act in obedience.  Abraham and God had a history together.  When we have a history with God, we are able to make decisions regarding our children.  When we attach ourselves to God, anchored by His rope, we can securely and bravely raise our kids to live the same faith.  We can overcome and endure, because we believe that the God who created our children is faithful to love them better than we can.  Because He loves them best.  We can leave them in His mighty hands.  And we can find strength, hope, endurance, and joy along the way!  So let’s review our skills:

*Be familiar with the map – recognize the markings, and follow the course.

*Anticipate hidden obstacles-not with an anxious worry, but with a calm confidence.

*Develop endurance to keep paddling – keep climbing.

*Stay tethered to God, who is faithful to love our children better than we can!

“The Sovereign Lord is my strength!  He makes me as surefooted as a deer, able to tread upon the heights.”  Habakkuk 3:19